There is no avoiding it, as an entrepreneur you face a wealth of tax obligations. This includes everything from maintaining transparent administration processes to filing tax returns. The more your business grows, the more essential it becomes. Not to worry, Bacom has the answer to all your tax questions.

The answers
What is allowed and what is not allowed when it comes to special remuneration? Is the pension provision sufficient? How is liability regulated? Should a product be registered or placed in a separate private company? Is the current company form the right match for your organisation? These are all questions that can be or become top of mind in your company. We have the answers.

Taxation in your favour
Bacom helps you to make optimum use of the possibilities offered by tax legislation. In addition to our own experienced consultants, we have an extensive network of external specialists. This means that all the necessary expertise is within reach.

Tax returns
Would you like to outsource your tax returns? We are your go-to partner for:

– sales tax
– corporate tax
– payroll tax
– dividend tax
– inheritance declarations

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