Is your company supported by employees? Then you know that this has a considerable impact on your administration. The fact that many entrepreneurs outsource their payroll administration comes as no surprise. On the contrary, in addition to the volume of work, the required specialist knowledge also plays a role for complex issues such as employee rights, collective labour agreements and legislation.

Employee administration
Personnel is human capital, and you want to deploy and support that capital as well as possible. This requires time and attention, which is why it is a good idea to outsource your employee administration to Bacom.

How much would you like to outsource?
If you wish, we can take care of your full employee administration. For current and new employees alike and for everything from contract to salary. Do you have someone in-house with sufficient knowledge and time? We are also there if you only want to outsource part of the process, such as:

– processing payslips and generating payslips
– data exchange with relevant authorities
– incorporation of changes to the CLA into contracts
– keeping track of mutations in your personnel system
– disability insurance
– pension provisions and legislation
– special remuneration and fringe benefits

Ongoing improvement
Our experienced consultants enjoy sharing their knowledge about personnel and organisation policy. We continuously identify points of improvement and keep you informed.

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