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As a self-employed person, you are personally liable for your company. This means that any debts can be recovered from your private assets and belongings. It is therefore vital that you arrange your financial affairs well. Bacom knows how and is here to help.

A solid foundation
Accountancy is more than just an element of business management, it is the very foundation. With the insights that Bacom gives you regarding costs, turnover, legislation and regulations and any risks, you can continuously improve and adjust where necessary.

Your focus is on bringing in and successfully carrying out assignments. Logically, accountancy is not your priority – but it is ours! We help you to set up an administration that you can keep up to date with little effort, so that you can get back to what matters. Complicated tasks such as quarterly tax returns and the preparation of annual accounts are completed by us.

No time or interest?
Are you struggling to find the time or interest to maintain your administration? You can also outsource your entire administration to Bacom. You can then rest assured knowing that everything is well organised.

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